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Mojikit Lake

Mojikit Lake is another large body of water covering 14,000 acres and is connected to the Ogoki Reservoir by a narrow, navigable, channel. As part of the Ogoki Watershed, Mojikit Lake is noted for its perfect natural fish habitat offering huge catches of larger walleye and monstrous northern pike. This is the only camp on this large lake. The camp consists of a large two bedroom cabin located in a unique protected lagoon. This camp is suitable for groups of 2 to 9.
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Short Lake

This camp is located on an isolated arm of the Ogoki Reservoir known as Short Lake which was one of the three lakes that where combined to form the reservoir. Walleye are abundant averaging 3½ to 4 pounds and northern pike up to 25 pounds. This is a very popular camp offering a large three bedroom cabin in an isolated location with access to a massive body of water covering 35,000 acres and hundreds of miles of shoreline. This camp is available for groups of 4 to 10.
Ogoki Reservoir Fly-In Fishing

Fly-In Walleye Fishing and Lodging in Ogoki Reservoir, Ontario

Are you ready for a truly remote fishing experience? When you choose Mattice Lake Outfitters, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our fishing camps are fly-in only – they can’t be accessed by any other means of transportation. This means that once you fly in from our seaplane base, you’ll see nothing but lakes and wilderness for miles and miles. That’s especially true when you choose to fish in the Ogoki Reservoir

The Ogoki Reservoir in Ontario 

The Ogoki Reservoir is massive, covering more than 35,000 acres and stretching 35 miles in length. It was originally formed as a means to divert water flowing north and East to James Bay, south into Lake Nipigon for hydro generation on the Nipigon River. This construction took place during the 1930s and dams were closed in 1942, combining three lakes into one large body of water. Now, we use it for world-class fishing in a remote and peaceful part of nature. 

Fishing and Lodging in the Ogoki Reservoir

The reservoir is known these days for its above-average sized walleye, ranging from three to four pounds, in large numbers. You’ll also find larger than usual northern pike, whitefish, and sturgeon. And, when you’re not reeling in a big catch, you can enjoy the quiet beauty of the remote wilderness setting.

Our camp on the Ogoki Reservoir is located on a 50-acre island, a couple miles from Eight Flume Falls, over which the Ogoki River enters the reservoir. We have five guest cabins spread out along the east and north shores of the island, offering privacy for each group.

All cabins have kitchens with all appliances, hot and cold running water, all furnishings, gas barbecues, large decks for sitting outside, wood stoves for heat, and much more.

The camp also features Wi-Fi provided by a recently installed Starlink satellite dish, electricity supplied by diesel generators (soon to be replaced by a large solar system), screened in fish cleaning houses, a camp manager who lives on site, new hp. 4 stroke Yamaha outboard motors, and new 16-foot Lund boats. 

This camp can accommodate groups ranging anywhere from 2 to 36 people anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Features & Amenities

  • Electricity
  • Camp Attendant
  • Two way radio communication
  • Hand crafted pine furnishings
  • Hot/cold running water
  • Showers
  • New Lund boats (2 people per boat)
  • Padded swivel boat seats with backrests
  • 15 HP motors (plus spares)
  • Unlimited gas
  • Unlimited ice
  • Full sized gas ranges
  • Full size electric refrigerators with freezers
  • Full size freezers
  • Gas barbeques
  • Screened in fish cleaning houses
  • Wood stoves for heat
  • Plenty of firewood
  • All cooking and eating utensils
  • Large decks for sitting outdoors
  • Propane fish fryers

What You Should Bring:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Soap & Towel
  • Landing Net
  • Rain suit
  • Camera, film & batteries
  • Groceries
    (including salt & pepper, cooking oil, paper towel, toilet paper and dish soap)
  • Fishing rods & reels
  • Well equipped tackle box
  • Life jackets (mandatory)
  • Clothing & personal items
  • Small first aid kit
  • Coolers (one per 2 fishermen)
Party members are restricted to 150 lbs. of baggage each (including groceries & refreshments) for fishing and 175 lbs. each for moose hunting.


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May 20 - September 26
Group of 3 days 5 days 7 days
1 2800 2900 3000
2 or 3 1810 1910 2010
4 to 7 1710 1810 1910
8 or more 1610 1710 1810
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