Kagianagami Lake - Fly-In Fishing Outpost

Kag Lake was new to us in 2001 and is a large clear water lake covering 20,000 acres. The isolated location of this camp and the lakes many islands offer lots of protection on windy days.

Kag Lake offers spectacular catches of walleye averaging 3 to 4 lbs., northern pike over 20 lbs., and lake trout up to 30 lbs. Fishing from the banks of the Opichuan River which flows out of Kag Lake only a couple of miles from our camp offers great catches of brook trout.

At Kag Lake we offer a modern 2 bedroom cabin featuring hot/cold running water, shower, solar electric lighting, two way radio, all furnishings and appliances, screened in fishing cleaning house and large deck for relaxing out doors. We offer 3 to 7 day trips at this lake for groups of 4 to 8.